Friday , May 14 2021

NASA: What is the truth of a giant asteroid that could hit the Earth in 2023? | Photo 1 of 6 | Science

Several media have discovered the "alarm" that woke up NASA Regarding the giant asteroid called 2018 LF16, which has 62 possible trajectories of collision with our planet between the years 2023 and 2117.

Although 62 possible trajectories of collisions with the Earth, it is enough to have a reasonable number to be alert, the situation changes when this number is placed in the actual context of the measurement.

It's a pretty big asteroid. On 2018 LF16 it was observed for the first time on June 16 this year and has a estimated diameter of more than 200 meters, and if it actually hits our planet, it may not extinguish humanity, but the force of impact would be equal to that of the Bomb of the Soviet Emperor , exploded in 1961, the biggest explosion caused by man.

The good news is that there is practically no chance of something happening, that is, 62 sounds like a lot, when you have nothing to compare. However, NASA models show that the real chances of a rock affecting the Earth are 1 in 30,000,000. Yes, millions.

In addition, according to experts cited by Express , the likelihood that the 2018 LF16 will fall on our planet is so low that, according to its calculations, they are estimated at 0.0000033%.

Again, it's so unlikely that it's worth it to worry, but knowing what navigation in our Solar System is always interesting.

You can view the estimated trajectory interactively in the next one connection .

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