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"My contract is by June, I'm trying to focus on what I'm doing"

The talented flyer at the Catholic University, Diego Buonanot, he spoke exclusively with Sports in agriculture where he assured he was waiting for what would happen with his recovery with "Crusaders" and he already sets goals for this season in 2019.

"My contract is by June. I try to focus on what I do, play and show that I can continue to give the best, then I will see it"He began to say.

"I have a few more months, but the time will come to make a decisionbut I still feel angry that, because it's not easy to move, think about my family. I'm the person I want to plan, "he added.

He also had words about the rumors that he linked with the Alianza de Lima in Peru. "I can not say anything, because they call me every day from different sides for my situationI transmit all to my representative so that he can see it. "

Regarding the injury suffered in the period prior to the Summer Tournament he played in Vijaya del Mar with the Universidad Catolica, he stated that "I'm not yet a hundred percent as if I like thisr, but it's a good thing to rely on apoco and find the situations that we want to have. "

Another theme that she played with the sport in agriculture was the process that the La Franca team has with Gustavo Quinterseos and the challenges that are approaching. "Since apoco we grab the operation that the coach wants and what the team wants, these games we play we want to win, we press very high and give results."

"We hope that we can make a great cup, we have players with great experience and the coach also has it, I think that we are preparing to make a good event and without leaving the local tournament we want to achieve a good championship on all fronts, "he added.

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