Saturday , July 31 2021

MOTHER OF YOUNG BALADAO IN FACTS where the son of Nicole Moreno is connected: "AUTHORIZED ORGANIZED"

At the age of 16, the 16-year-old adolescent he was shot Wednesday night at his home in Las Condes, in a confusing incident involving a son of the model Nicole "Luli" Moreno.

Although still the participation of the young person has not been confirmed in the attack on the adolescent, according to preliminary information, the son of Moreno and the victim would haveor previous quarrels that they started the attack that took place on Avenida Vital Apokindo.

According to the mother of the victim, the attack on his son was for a deliberate act, because before unknown days they arrived at the home in the vehicles looking for the young man who is now struggling to stay alive at the El Salvador Hospital in Providence.

NICOLE Nicole Moreno, a salesman shot in Las Condes: "Do not mess with my son"

Four objects, including Nicole Moreno's son, will arrive at the house after allegedly discussing with the victim he would have been shot five times.

Sandra Navarro, a teenage mother's mother discovered that a few days ago his son and assailants were in a higher position "and they threw themselves into chaos."

"They were looking for the rest of the days in different cars, this is ready, they organized it" said the woman.

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