Sunday , May 16 2021

More details about the fight between Christian Alvarez and Marcelo Salas in Temuco German Becker | Catholic university sports champion Temuco

The two Temugo protagonists and Universidad Catolica tried to reduce the profile of a strong crisis at the stadium German Becker.

From: L. Rivera Talpen

Surprised After attaining the thirteenth title of the Catholic University of Temuco, the departed captain Christian Alvarez and the Araucana painter Marcelo Salas arrived at the strikes until the celebration of the students at the stadium German Becker ended.

"I do not remember and things remain. Something happened, fever, thousands of apologies for it … We met, the spirits were not very good, but I sent a message that I guessed" was one of the phrases he said "Huaso." "It was a fever, I apologized," Matador said later.

The truth is that both sides have tried to reduce the profile of a fact that can happen to a larger one. According to you, you could find out CDF News, In access to dressing rooms, Alvarez's family tried to access the court and see the Crusader awards, in the farewell work of the student.

However, security did not allow crossing, so the group that accompanied "4" remained without seeing it. When Alvarez appeared, he desperately faced the face "Matador" to ask for an explanation. Later, Tepuquense explained that in 2016 "some glass was broken, then had to be awake, told me something, I replied and this has already happened."

In the fight, Salas's father, Rosemary, threw a blow that led to the reaction of the Crusaders, who reacted with a blow that did not reach their destination. From the club, alibwerde claimed that after the award, there were insults to Temuco's technical staff, and even a boom.

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