Thursday , April 22 2021

Mitsubishi Pajero retires to Japan and this final edition is limited to 700 copies is his goodbye

Five years ago, we met in Spain with the latest updates of the Mitsubishi Montero, a mythical SUV from a Japanese manufacturer that is no longer available on our market, but in Japan this model is still on sale with its original name, Mitsubishi Pajero, although in a short time.

And that's it a veteran out of the way, a true off-road beast on sale in Japan since 1982, will retire on its native market and the manufacturer will prepare a special edition Final edition to celebrate their history and more than 640,000 units sold. For now, Pajero will still be alive in 70 other markets around the world.

Very soon Mitsubishi Pajero will no longer be available in Japanese market, and is that sales have not been accompanied too much over the past year, with numerous deliveries of less than 1,000 units, due to other things that this SUV has weaker consumer numbers than other products in the range of Outlander PHEV or the Eclipse Cross.

Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition
Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition

Those customers who want to receive one of the latest copies of a model that has been sold for 37 years in Japan will be able to choose this final edition Pajero, from which they will be produced. 700 exclusive units, until August 2019, with a price of RMB 4.53 million, or about EUR 36,500 per change.

The special edition of this model, whose current generation was presented in 2006 at the Paris show, has a motor 3.2 liters of turbodiesel on 190 HP and 441 Nm, connected to a five-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel-drive Super-Select, which can be locked.

Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition
Mitsubishi Pajero Final Edition 3

As for the equipment, this Final Edition has a screen of 7 inches for the multimedia system, seven seats, upholstery leather, electrically adjustable front seats, electric panoramic roof, roof rails, etc. …

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