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Mission InSight: this is how Mars's winds hear from the NASA probe

"For the first time we can hear the winds of another world."

Thus, the US space agency (NASA) announced that the InSight probe that explores Mars has managed to capture the sounds of the red planet for the first time.

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"Capturing this sound was an unplanned gift," said Bruce Banner, chief NASA mission researcher for analyzing the womb on this planet.

How it was achieved

The achievement was achieved thanks to two hypersensitive sensors: one of the air pressure that is inside the landing module and a seismometer that is on the platform of the same module.

Each instrument recorded the sound in different ways. The air pressure sensor, which is part of the additional load sensor subsystem (APSS) and which is responsible for collecting meteorological data, can directly capture the sound thanks to the vibration of the air.

The seismometer registered it vibration which is the reason the wind on Mars when it moves above the solar panels of the spacecraft, with a diameter of 7.2 meters.

The result is two different sounds, one more intense than the other, and that have to be modified to be easier to perceive from the human ear.

The first one that was listening corresponds to the APSS time sensor and its frequency was to be increased to 100X – a frequency between 8 and 12 GHz.

The second is noise taken from the seismometer and had to raise two octaves above the hertz to be more noticeable.

But they will not be the only sounds we can get from Mars. In two years, it is expected to get another clearer when, in 2020, a NASA robot needs landing with two microphones.

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