Sunday , April 18 2021

Minister Pauline Cantor has been allocated and deployed by 30 sports federations with a tough card

A hard letter was the one that elaborated the sports federations of our country, to the scroll made by the minister of the branch, Pauline Cantor. Prose criticized openly "Some situations have occurred in recent days and a constant sense of contempt," he wrote the letter.

These statements were made within the Council of Delegates, added to the statements of the Secretary of State, where she said that "Sport is just an entry" and that the owner of the next Pan-American Games of Santiago 2023, are "I am playing sports with the government".

These sayings caused a lot of discomfort in the national federal sports environment, where the letter adds that "these statements deeply offend the assembly and they make us think that the government does not really understand the relevance of federations and the Olympic Committee in the organization of the appointment. "

The relationship between authority and sport is not completely fruitful. One of the main stones was the controversy over the delivery criteria for the Proddar scholarship. The issue was discussed in the House of Representatives, where the budget for athletes from the Master and senior category was approved.

Check out the letter from 30 federations:

Letter of the Federation Charter Federations / Capture

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