Tuesday , June 22 2021

Mexico is closed with gold and bronze in Pan-American water skiing

The Mexican delegation, which took part in the Pan American Water Championships in 2018, had a productive day on the last day of action on Lake Los Moros in Chile, collecting a few medals.

Through Patricio Font in numbers and Carlos Lamadrid Jr. in the slalom, Mexico received gold and bronze respectively on the last day of class.

Golden metal Fonts took the form of a character. The Mexican, who was the record holder of the world in this game, demonstrated his ability and mastery, scoring 11,300 points in the final, which came with 11,340 units in the preliminary test, which combined with his score in gold, averaged 1,000 points .

For his part, Tapatio Carlos Lamadrid hung bronze in the slalom of the open category for men. Lamadrid qualified for the finals after two rounds with a 10.75 meter rope.

In the final, tapatío gave the same result, two buoys with a 10.75 meter rope to be placed in the third position.

The first page was for American Nate & Smith to get rid of two buoys with a 10.25 m rope, and silver for Robert Pigozzi from the Dominican Republic to give four and a half buoys with a 10.75 meter rope.

Mexico, fourth place

The Mexican delegation, which took part in the World Championships in the Pan-American World Cup in Chile, took fourth place in the team classification, gathering five thousand 274 points.

The United States ended at the top of the table, followed by Canada, with the host of Chile in third place.

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