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Meizu Zero has a similar price on the iPhone XS Max

Exactly a week ago the Chinese manufacturer of the title presented the Meizu Zero. It is the first mobile in the world without physical connectors or buttons. Even it was before Vivo with its Apex 2019.

Some of the things that you should know about this Meizu Zero were its price and availability. Now we can get an answer to that.

Meizu Zero as an Indiegogo campaign

This one smartphone a figure like a campaign in India. It's a settlement page (crowdfunding).

Continuing with the roadmap that guides this section, we note that we are on the date it paves the way to its funding.

Then, in April 2019, the first production of small pieces will take place. The shipment will also be made in the same month. An essential aspect is the price you fix on this device.

About what she calls Meizu Engineering unit (Engineering unit) you will have to pay $ 1,299. This version is it will be distributed in April next.

Prices for iPhone XS Max on 01.01.30

In other words, that amount is comparable to the 256GB iPhone XS Max, which costs $ 1,249. While there is another more expensive option on Apple's phone, the Chinese company is not far behind.

They also mention Pioneer unit (Pioneer unit) an exclusive value of $ 2,999. The irony here – beyond its price – is it the shipment will take place in January… and barely has more than one day until the end of that month. So or the distribution of this last variant started without prior notice, or will be given from tomorrow in the first hour.

Finally, to make Meizu Zero a reality in April It takes 100,000 dollars to be raised as a target. At the time of writing this article, the campaign has reached $ 19,891. The end date is agreed on March 1 from this year. We will see if they will reach the goal.

Source: GSMArena

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