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McLaren Speedtail, a hyper-sports car worth two million dollars


November 9, 2018 – 11:40 pm


Authors: Álvaro Mejía G. / Special for El País

Our guest today is the new McLaren Speedtail, a hyper-sport vehicle that combines art and technology in perfect proportions.

This new and exclusive copy of the Woking home (Great Britain) is distinguished by a limited edition to the same 106 units built from the state of McLaren F1, hybrid (petrol and electric motor), which is the fastest street car built today by McLaren and in a special way, for a unit price exceeding $ 2 million, without taxes.

Unfortunately, Colombians with sufficient economic power to buy this expensive "toy" will have to look for another option, as the 100-strong McLaren Speedtail units that will be delivered after 2020 have been allocated and paid for. Two years, when his future production was announced.

Formula 1 cars are undoubtedly the best laboratory for developing components and systems, which are then implemented in street vehicles.

The best example is the new McLaren Speedtail, which inherits a large part of the technology and aerodynamic design of the McLaren F1 team.

The above can be seen in a large and light body with a length of 5 137 m and only 1,430 kg, made of carbon fiber and aluminum, where aerodynamics prevails over any other concept.

Among the many successes in the outdoor design of this elegant hyper-sport sport stand out the clean and smooth lines "emerging" in the advanced McLaren wind tunnel, where an aerodynamic silhouette was obtained that provides air penetration and Speedtail downforce. vertical (pressure force) required to "crush" it to the ground at high speeds.

Another detail of the compulsory mention is the minimalist appearance of the body, absent on the decoration or accessories, such as mirrors and handles.

We can not "enter" the futuristic cabin of the McLaren security belt, without emphasizing its attractive, sharp and inclined "tail" in the shape of a wedge.
This elongated section is decorated with a pair of active flaps and two huge and geometric diffusers of aerodynamic intent, from which oval and sport exhaust pipes grow.

Interior appearance
By opening the "butterfly" door (opening and sliding) Speedtail, we find a luxurious cabin, in which carbon fibers, suede and almost absolute minimalism prevail.

The first attraction of the McLaren Speedtail passenger cabin is the ingenious and rare configuration of the three chairs, which leaves the lucky driver slightly ahead of his two companions, in the same central and dominant position of the F1 driver.

Another aspect that should be emphasized is the good visibility provided by the generous glass, which is distinguished by a sloping and huge windshield, equipped with an electro-chromatic system that dims the top band with a single button.

As for the buttons, one should mention the lack of controls, knobs or buttons other than a few of the types of aircraft that the gearshift is available from in the roof console.

Another element of the forced review is the surrounding set of indicators occupied by three LED screens that show the entire vehicle operation, and two other side panels that act as virtual rearview mirrors. This pair of screens recreates what "see" hidden rear cameras that are hidden in the McLaren Speedtail wheel arches when the engine is turned off.

The appearance of the engine
Although the technical details of the gasoline and electric motors that make this English hypersport move were not revealed, their impressive power and the number of accelerations and final speeds were revealed, which are really surprising.

According to McLaren's managers, these two engines (gasoline and electric) deliver a total of 1,050 horsepower, which gives Speedtail quite a "perrenque" to accelerate from 0 to 300 km / h in just 12.8 ".Easily install a speedometer needle on 403 kilometers final speed.

All this is summarized in the words of Wayne & # 39; and, spokesman McLaren, who referred to Speedtail: "This is the first car of the brand, designed to enjoy high speeds on highways or roads, or to go to opera with the same set of tires. "Better to say, McLaren like no other.

Interest data

When the pilot activates the speed mode in McLaren Speedtail, the electronic plane of the power plant changes, the position of the flaps to reduce the aerodynamic load (resistance) and active suspension system in aluminum, which reduces the floor height by 35 mm to optimize the march and gain several kilometers of final speed.

"McLaren Speedtail Road Team" contains three light and elegant suitcases (1 per person) made of carbon fiber, leather and aluminum.

Speedtail is also the first of 18 new names or derivatives of the business plan Pista 25 McLaren, which will be the midnight of the English company until 2025.

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