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Mazda MX-30 Concept Are you the first electrician to make the brand?

The MAzda MX-30 concept is filtered

We have known for several weeks that the Tokyo Auto Show is the place they chose Mazda to present his first electric car. Specifically, he will be unveiled tomorrow, October 23, as the company expected. The fact is that the alleged leak, the image we have in the header, reveals a Mazda MX-30 Concept which, in theory, is the electric vehicle we were waiting for.

What is interesting to us is that, in the filtered image, beside the SUV whose rear doors we will discuss below, the word "concept" appears. Mazda said at the time that the car we would see in Tokyo would be the direct final production model, which left little to be desired.

However, the Mazda MX-30 Concept attracts attention from all sides. Starting with his denomination, the name of the MX-30 pretends to see the car as something more emotional and not just a crossover model. Those are the intentions at least. Perhaps this is why differential aesthetics were also sought.

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As we see in the filtered image, bodywork The urban crossover has stable lower protection, a grill front and headlights that appear to be engraved on the bodywork and lightweight coupe silhouette. However, my gaze goes hopelessly toward the back door. The rear doors are RX-8!

We do not know what the reason is so the Hiroshima firm used this kind of door. Really, no matter how much we think about it, we haven't found the answer … We don't know if there would be an aesthetic touch to try to boost the car's sportiness or if, on the contrary, it is not finally a production car and it is just a concept that It will not reach the streets.

Tomorrow we have to wait until tomorrow to know all the official details. Rumors have it that this Mazda MX-30 – if it finally ends up being called the first Mazda electric car – would be a vehicle whose battery will allow it to travel about 240 km With a single charge. That battery would be from 35.5 kWh.

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Regarding the electric motor, it is rumored that it will have a single propeller and will be fitted to the front train. The numbers we hear are a Power of 140 hp and torque of 264 Nm. But beware, it looks like it might be accompanied by a rotating gasoline engine as a power generator, functioning as a the range extends.

Little else can we say. It may take a few more hours to discover the electric Mazda, and of course we know all the official data and have access to more and better images.

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