Sunday , May 16 2021

Mauricio Pinilla hit the bare stick to Azul Azul

The story of Mauricio Pinilla with Blue Blouniens begins to end, at least in the first part, after the San Miguel Labor Court welcomed the working complaint brought by the attacker after his controversial departure from the University of Chile

In that sense, according to a statement issued by the court, "It has been established that Azul Azul SA must pay the plaintiff 147,454,616 dollars for an additional fee and $ 313,341,059 for lost profits", a figure that approaches 500 million pesos (460,795,675 dollars).

In that sense, Judge Alondra Castro Jimenez said that "effectively the appeal violated the freedom of work of the actor and the right to free choice, with verbal dismissal on July 31, 2018 at a press conference, preventing this freedom of action of the plaintiff since as of November 7, 2018, he still retained him as a player of his squad, preventing even the possibility of materializing new employments with other sports clubs, such as Club de Fútbol Rojinegros, SA de CV, generally known as Atlas Football club or Atla from de Guadalajara. "

The resolution also made it clear that Pinilla's honor was affected by dismissing the public at a news conference. "In such a scenario," says the verdict, "and as prescribed in Article 489 of the Labor Code, this penalty will apply the sanction contained in the aforementioned rule, regulating it in 8 wages, given the injuries that have been affected."

On the other side

On the other hand, they surprised the resolution in Sina Sina, where they are promoting that they will submit a request for nullity and that the lawyers will carry out the activities to change this situation.

"The truth is that we are very surprised by the verdict, because we insist on the club acting as it should." Maurizio has brought Colón's offer, he asked us to reach an agreement with the Argentine club, and he also negotiated for it "The three parties signed a transfer of economic and federal rights, surprisingly regretting that it left us in an awkward situation, unfortunately, we believe in Maurizio's words." The legal steps to be followed will continue in the hands of our lawyers, said Pablo Sil and CEO of Azul Azul.

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