Tuesday , May 18 2021

Mariot slammed the second-largest cyber-attack in history

Hackers accessed the personal data of 500 million passengers from their Starwood unit since 2014, including passports, credit cards, addresses and email content. The action falls because of fear of sanctions.

Mariot International He reported to the police a computer attack on his Starwood StarWare 2014 backup unit in what might be one of the biggest breaches of data in history.

The attack is worrying not only because of its large size, but also because of it level of detail potentially stolen by invaders. Hacking affects some 500 million passengers, and about an inch 327 million of them, the included data Passport numbers, credit card details, addresses and messagessaid Mariotte.

Breach of security it will only be surpassed by the one that Yahoo suffered with 3 billion exposed users in 2013. Market shares of "Marriott" in operations in front of the market.

Possible penalties

Regulators and consumers have intensified sanctions against companies that have breached security, as these attacks are becoming more and more difficult. Last year, The target agreed to pay $ 18.5m to close the investigations that were developed in several countries for the 2013 attack, while Equifax faces legal action billions of dollars and a regulatory investigation.

"The breach is so great that the company may face a big punishment from the authorities and the market is thinking that ", said Juan Jose Fernandez Figares, chief analyst at Link Securities in Madrid. "This is another company that is affected by hacking and reminding each company that manages the personal information of the users they need to work diligently to protect them from future attacks."

Mariot's statement shows that piracy took place a few years before the company bought Starwood in a deal worth about $ 13,600m, closed in September 2016. The Marriott database contains guest information related to Starwood reservations by September 10, 2018. Some also include details of the payment card, said Mariot, who does not identify who could be the perpetrator.

Although Marriott said details, such as credit card numbers, were encrypted, he could not rule out the possibility that enough details had been stolen to decipher this information.

The company reported an incident to the police and continues to support its investigation, and also began reporting to regulatory authorities.

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