Saturday , July 31 2021

Mario Salas: Jacime Valdes will travel with us to Argentina, he is still a player on Colo Colo

Mario Salas, technical Colo Colo, reviewed the press conference as his first days as an alboss coach and cleared suspicions about the situation of Jaime Valdés in equp.

"Yes, Hajime Valdes is on the pre-season list. He has a contract, we talk and he is available. Travel to Argentina with us. He is still a player of Colo Colo"Salas said in the Monumental.

In addition, he ruled that he had an annoyance due to the absence of Jorge Valdivia and Julio Barroso in its first practice on January 2. "We are happy to have them. We knew they would arrive later"

Regarding the first practices, Salas said that "the court's mood is great, professionalism is very good".

"In this small period, this microcycle, we took care of painting the team with information about what the idea of ​​the game was"he said.

In the same line, he explained that the most important part of the Buenos Aires visit to the pre-season is to generate links with the school.

"It is fundamental for me to talk, to know what they think and what they feel, what are their projects"he commented.

Finally, she assured her that "I do not feel like a model, I'm passionate about what I'm doing, but I'm not doing things to make the school."

Colo Colo will travel this week, January 6, to Argentina to start his preseason before the start of the national championship, which will be in mid-February.

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