Monday , August 2 2021

Luksic Group extends its presence in Argentina and receives a series of brands and vineyards in San Juan

Wines San Pedro Tarapaca (VSPT) have reached an agreement with Argentina Perno Ricard to acquire a range of vineyards and wine brands across the mountain range, especially in the province of San Juan.

According to El Crowista, the company was associated with CCU (Luksic and Heineken Group) brands Graffigna, Colón and Santa Silvia, Graffigna winery and La Vesa vineyard in Valle de Uco, Mendoza. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Through a statement, Perry Rickard said she decided to sell these funds "to focus their local resources on producing wines and sparkling wines in their Salt and Mendoza winery and producing alcoholic beverages at its Buenos Aires plant."

According to information from that medium, both sides expect to close the operation this year, pending the competition authorities say.

Luksic's commitment to the market of the market and the internationalization of the piss

VSPT has two large vineyards in the neighboring country, Finca La Celia and Bodega Tamarí, located in Valle de Uco, Mendoza.

In Argentina CCU participates with its subsidiaries in the beer categories (produced by Santa Fe, Schneider, Isenbeck and Imperial Beer, as well as Sidra Real and La Victoria and Vinos La Selia and Eugenio Bustos.

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