Saturday , July 31 2021

"Luke Skywalker" responds to the fan's request and sends a New Year greeting to Chileans

As he did on other occasions, Star Wars protagonist Mark Hamill used his Twitter account to greet his Chilean fans on the occasion of the New Year.

As stated in Emoll, this message was in response to a user's request on the social network. "Hello Mark Hamill, this year greeted me for my birthday and I gave you my book" Like. "I feel like we are friends. Is it possible to send a New Year's greeting to your fans in Chile?", Writes Luis Vargas on his account . In contrast, the translator Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars Saga released a gif that reads "Happy New Year" accompanied by the phrase "For All My Friends in Chile".

Already at the beginning of the year, he responded to a Twitter user who likened him to Chileese CEO, Jorge Kerry, while playing a gala at the Viña Festival. "Hey Mark Hamil, are you on the red carpet?" Written by a social network user accompanied by Kerry's photo. On that occasion, the actor replied: "No, it's someone who wants to look like Luke."

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