Thursday , November 26 2020

Luis Jimenez questions his continuity in Palestine

One of the best players in National Championship in recent years it has been Luis Jimenez, who returned from Arabic football in Palestinian with a great level, he was even crucial in the Arab title in the 2018 Chile Cup.

The former Milan attacking midfielder talked about his future, emphasizing that he is very comfortable in the colony, however, his continuity is not clear to him, because he does not know what the club wants to do with him.

“I like Palestine, after everything that has happened, one thinks about many things. You need to see what the club planned later, because they may not want to count on me,” El Mago told El Mercury.


El Mago Jimenez and its uncertain future – Agency Uno

“I would like to continue playing, this year I had some injuries, much more than I usually have. I would like to continue to contribute, training normally, but that is something I can analyze at the end of the season,” he said. He has an agreement with Palestine for the whole of 2021.

Finally, he talked about his new life experience at the age of 36, because he is already a grandfather, and commented on this situation.

“It’s great to be a young grandfather, it’s a nice experience. We have a very special relationship with Diego, my son,” he revealed.

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