Friday , May 7 2021

Lucas Barrios may not be a Colo Colo player in the next few hours

The Panther was today at the office of Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle and in the Monumental he began to talk about the expected goodbye.

Lucas Barrios returned to Colo Colo in the middle of the year after long television series in the summer, where he was to return, but then blamed Anibal Moss for frustrating his return. Finally, with the advent of Gabriel Ruiz-Tale, he came to the Monumental, but the cycle can end today.

And it is that the Panther was in the office of President of Blanco y Negro during the day and he is already beginning to say that he can stop playing Kasyke in the next few hours. In addition, at the press conference is Marcello Espina, sports manager, at 6:00 am.

Barrios signed with Colo Colo by 2020, but after six months it can put an end to the second cycle, rather non-transparent, where it could not show the level exhibited in its first period.

Also, Argentina are already talking about returning to Argentinos Juniors along with Nestor Ortigosa, so if it is not in Brazil, the Paraguayan destination can return to the Father.

Everything will be known this afternoon, when Marcelo Espina will face the media.

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