Sunday , May 16 2021

Los Renegados receives La Armería Negra, the first of the first crossings of the Year Crossing

The second stage of Destiny 2 is expanding with the first of three announced premium releases: Black Arms is now available for all those who bet on the Renaissance's Annual Defense, which also means the arrival of new toys by which to distribute justice for the solar system.

Black Arms It offers a new series of adventures focused on four Lost Fraguas that we will have to recover and reactivate for the sake of the galaxy … and update our arsenal. But it is only the beginning: starting December 7, a new intrusion will begin, in which more glory and prey will get.

In fact, Bungie knows that there is no better request for the Guardians than a few deadly weapons, so he prepared a trailer in which the protagonists will be the prizes that await us at the end of each feat.

The idea behind this annual pass is simple: fill players with activities every week. Some of them are temporary, such as the seasonal events of Aurora and the Holy Days (which coincide with Christmas and Valentine) and others, such as Black Arms, they will remain active forever.

And to make things easier, here is the official calendar of the Fragua season.


And then what? Bungie is considering two more seasons, starting in March and June, alternating upgrades and free activities and premium launches included in the annual passage.

In fact, and as you can see below, some of these activities will be available to the players Destiny 2 and who did not make the jump Freed.


Bungie and Activision continue to demonstrate that they have ideas for expanding Endgame 2 and have fans to clean up the galaxy for weapons, adventures and new levels of light. But, of course, this weapon will not be falsified alone.

Annual passage of Destiny 2 is estimated at 34.99 euros and it is necessary to play the game before, expanding I and II and expanding Freed.

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