Tuesday , August 3 2021

"Loot boxes" could be illegal in the United States if this law is approved


and as an example they used Candy Cross

An American senator seeks a law banning the sale of dog boxes in video games played by minors.

If the work is approved, called "Protecting children from offensive video games", box boxes and microtransactions in headlines aimed at a smaller audience will be banned, with the argument that they are designed to "generate dependency".

"Social networks and video games boost the dependence of our children and abstract them from real life, in addition to generating impulsive habits," Senator Josh Halley said in an interview. "It does not matter if this business model goes beyond the industry. There is no excuse for using children through these practices," he said. In addition, he believes that publishers who abuse this system should "suffer from legal consequences". Tremble Fortunes.

The Senator, in an act of absolute ignorance, used Candy Cross as an example of a video game played by young people who encourage this kind of practice. If Mr. Holly just knew that Candy's only players in 2019 were our mothers, fathers and distant aunts.

But, be sure, the Americans who visit this site. This is just the first step to bring the bill. You must first go through the Senate and then through the House of Representatives before becoming an official law.

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