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LG joined an antitrust suit against Qualcomm

Lately Qualcomm it is more a protagonist for its requirements than for its mobile processors. And this time is no exception.

Two years ago Korean Fair Trade Commission (Korean Fair Trade Commission, KFTC) imposed a fine on the manufacturer of chipsets from 915 million USD. The decision was due to the abuse of the patents from Qualcomm.

As expected, the affected rejected the sanction and a request was submitted in this way in a multiple and combined manner. It was made up from Apple, Huawei, Intel, MediaTek, and Samsung.

However, later time recently mentioned the South Korean company and manufacturer of processors Snapdragon agrees to grant mutual licenses earlier this year, the reason why Samsung abandoned its position as a member of that request.

Many interpreted this as a heavy blow to the KFTC case. It seemed more difficult to figure it out against Qualcomm. But Instead, someone else appeared on the scene.

It is neither more nor less LGYour compatriot. The reason for their interference seems to be that negotiations between this and the manufacturer of US processors are not going well.

However, do not expect a quick solution to this. Qualcomm and KFTC met 11 times for interrogation and questioning over the past fourteen months. Some believe that the final resolution can last for years. We will see how the story continues, another of the many legal submissions that sign the signing of the US SOC.

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