Saturday , October 16 2021

Letters van Rysselberghe and Macaya leading the UDI

After the journey Jacqueline van Rysselberghe visit Jair Bolsonaro a series of criticisms has been marked for the senator inside UDI by macho and the homophobic statements of the current president of the elect of Brazil.

After this episode, he questioned van Rysselberghe's maintenance towards the event, so Javier Macaya aims to confront the MP in order to take control of UDI in the elections December 2.

Senator Jacqueline van Rysselberghe poses as a campaign console "deparlamentarize UDI and directive"to avoid making decisions between the four walls of Congress and making all party layers actively involved in politics.

Van Rysselberghe will recognize the senator as vice-chairman Ena von BaerTo the deputy Juan Manuel Fuenzalidacouncilor for Vitacura Patricia Alessandri and a Simon Yévens FloresWhile the secretariat-general would be responsible for the mayor of Los Alamos, Jorge Fuentes, prosecretaría from Mario Varela and as a treasurer I would be Álvaro Lavín, the current core of Santiago.

For his part, Javier Macaya has registered as vice presidents Patricio Melerodeputy María José Hoffmann, chairman of the Biobío core Flor Weisse, mayor Ercilla José Vilugrón and one of the founders of UDI: Floridor PintoThe Deputy is in the General Secretariat Juan Antonio Colomathe secretary's position is integrated with the core of Santiago Cristián Labbé and as the treasurer of Councilor Lo Barnechea, Paula Phillips.

According to the basis of the election, the names of those who will create letters in internal choices you can register by Friday November 16.

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