Friday , July 30 2021

Less than three years have passed since the crash between the truck and the Cerrillos minibus

A boy of only three years lost his life on a pedestrian crossing, after being hit by a minibus, who, while he stopped waiting for passersby, was hit by the back of a truck that failed to brake in a red light in the municipality of Cerrillos.

According to police data, the tragic event was noticed when a truck driver and a trailer, traveling north of Avenida Pedro Aguirre Zerda, could not slow down the heavy machine to reach the corner with Glesta Point, crossing the intersection with red light and pressing the minibus.

As a result of the strong impact, the projection vehicle struck the adult woman and her young child, who died on the spot due to the severity of the injuries, while her mother was sent to the El Carmen hospital, where He was seriously injured but without a risk of life .

The carabineros SIAT's personnel arrived at the site, which closed the site for carrying out field tests, as well as taking statements from the two drivers involved in this unfortunate accident.

Meanwhile, the juvenile's body was referred to the Legal Medical Service, while the local prosecutor opened an investigation into this fact, where it is foreseen to formalize the truck driver for possible liability.

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