Friday , January 22 2021

Leonidas Vial failed to lose his lawsuit against the Social Club and Deportivo Colo Colo

Businessman Leonidas Vial He did not achieve his goal, because through Renta ST Limitada, he lost the lawsuit against Social and Sports Club Colo Colo, in which the shareholder intends to remove the corporation from the board of directors Black and white

The decision of the Chamber of Commerce was advantageous for the Social Club, as it could have known Chile, so the entity will keep its two quotas on the table that controls the activities of the character Macula.

In this way, the bloc leading Vial, where he is also the current president of B & Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, they can not override the two CSyD members who have familiarity Anibal Meuse, the main opponent of the official albo table.

The final decision was signed by the judge Luz Maria Jordan Astuburuga, so Leonidas Vial does not retreat, and the "black and white" table will remain the same as it is now.

In this way, the Social and Sports Club Colo Colo maintains its participation, which can be vital to the next meeting of shareholders of Black and White, which will take place on April 29th.

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