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"Legend of Zelda: Awakening the Relationship": Return full of surprises

The first thing to clarify is that this video game "Legend of Zelda: Awakening the Connection" for the Nintendo Switch is a transversal title. You don't have to be a saga fan to enjoy it. It is not necessary to play a Gameboy to play this. The game itself manages to capture the minute you start playing it.

What have you been wanting since the first moment? His Art The visual style of the video game manages to give us the feeling of playing with toys. Effect achieved thanks to textures and lighting. Everything is seen in a miniature game and it makes the game play similar to that of the Gameboy era, but clearly with serious improvement.

Those who played it on Gameboy

This is how you will see it if you have never played the original title. Now, if you've been lucky enough to play the old version, you'll realize that watching what were once simple pixels created with this new proposal is a spectacle. The game has improved significantly from previous versions.

Why? For example, before you have to equip the shield if you want to use it, as well as running boots and bracelet that allows you to lift stones. In this version, once you receive these items, they will be permanently fitted. One of the reasons for this is that you have more buttons.

Zelda Nintendo

Creating dungeons and discovering Nintendo figures

Curious about this title is "Super Zelda Creator". You can create your own dungeons. It sounds complex, but it is not. You are limited to using dungeons you have already defeated. It's more curiosity than a game's strong point. Share the dungeon online? No. You can do this only through Amibo figures. Whatever it is, you can save a dungeon in it and when you see a friend live, share the dungeon using your NFC. Share in retro mode! Gathering with people.

zold Catch

They might have added more features, but this wasn't the focus of the game, so we won't explore much further. Discover in the same game. In fact, there is much to discover. This game introduces many figures from the Mario Bros. saga.

See the details!

Not only do I talk about the enemies and teammates you can see throughout the game, but also about the real numbers. You can get collectible dolls, like animal stuffed Yoshi or watch people in dialogs. Ask for a SimCity Mayor! E!

zold Nintendo

The adventure is quite fun. Defeating enemies is pretty easy. In this game, the challenge is finding out where to go ahead, what you need to find out. You will undoubtedly have many hours of fun. It is a cult title and will undoubtedly be the "Best Seller" of the hybrid console. Success. Piece of art.

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