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League of Legends – SKT plays the perfect game for Christmas

SK Telecom T1 He celebrated Christmas and gave him a gift to all his fans with a perfect game!

The Korean team, the three times world champion of the League of Legends, will try this season to recover from their bad year, for that decided to accompany Faker to four more superstars and create a team of dreams, which is already beginning to deliver.

In the second round of the KESPA, the SKC Cup faced Blob Oliver and he left no doubt that he was serious in every game. In the first match managed to get rid of his opponent in the 22nd minute, in the perfect game. He has taken all the goals on the map and does so without any of his players falling or throwing any of their ramparts.

In subsequent matches, the BBC was superior during much of the meeting and even ended with more killings than SCT, but he did not use his moment andn a squad in which SCT prevailed, the Korean giant won the victory.

In the next instance, his rival will be DAMWON Gaming, one of the LKC surprises during the summer split on December 27th.

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