Monday , August 2 2021

Kylie Jenner starts the 2019 lighting Instagram with this picture

Kylie Jenner she became the queen of the cosmetics industry and social networks, where her influence is greater than any of her sisters who are known to be her. And it's in the popular social network Instagram Kylie He drew the attention of all his fans, who in every publication of a young businesswoman converted with millions of likes. Such was the case with his first post in 2019, in which he gave his followers a first-class cleavage.

In just 24 hours, the announcement received more than seven million likes. In the picture, she is looking at a car with one of her best friends. On first mother Follow the phrase with just a phrase: by 2019, please, that was enough to get the comments and reactions from all his faithful followers.

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On the other hand, the huge success of Kylie As for love or money, far from creating gaps between his sisters, he united them even more. Last year Kim Kardashian defended the achievements of her younger sister after wave of comments on social networks that suggested that the businessman did not create her own makeup empire with her own funds but relied on the reported earnings of her advertising agreements like your participation in reality Maintenance with Kardashians, because I was a girl.

I do not understand, because I did it myself, as did all of us. All this because we come from a successful family? In my opinion, it makes no sense. I know many people with a similar situation who failed to be so successful Kylie. In any case, this is exactly the opposite, in his favor it is said that the mother of three in the statements about the Refinery 29.

And he added: Neither Kylie, neither I nor any of my brothers depended on my parents, except to seek advice. It was already so when my father lived; She never gives me anything. Maybe we have an opportunity, but I saw many cases where people did not use them. No one works harder than my mother and my sisters.

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