Saturday , January 23 2021

Kolo Kolo is visiting Everton in order to leave the penultimate place in the Championship

Kolo Kolo life is at stake this Wednesday in National Championship, when visiting Everton in Viњаa del Mar, starting at 16:00 (19:00 GMT), sadly waiting for date 16.

The Albos, who owed this game because of their calendar in lto the Copa Libertadores, they urgently need the three points, to leave the penultimate place and gain confidence in this process led by Gustavo Quinteros, who still does not know about the victories.

For the engagement, the waters in the Alba store arrive weak, due to a new conflict in the off-sports plane. Blanco and Negro decided that Matthias Zaldivia, one of the clerks, needed to process his license so that the evaporator could take over his salary, something that caused internal frustration on campus.

As part of the sport, Kasika arrives with another victim, that of Nicola Blandi. The Argentine, questioned about his lack of goal, was torn this Tuesday and was excluded for the visit to Sausalito.

For the clash, Quinteros will repeat the formula he used in the Copa Libertadores, and also in the local tournament, with the Campos-Insauraralde duo in defense, and with an offensive three-legged, led by captain Esteban Paredes.

The chosen ones are Brian Cortes; Oscar Opazo, Felipe Campos, Juan Manuel Insauralde, Brian Wejar; Gabriel Suazo, Cesar Fuentes; Leonardo Valencia; Gabriel Costa, Marcos Bolados and Paredes.

The Routers, for their part, want to return to victory after the draw with Santiago Wanderers and the defeat with Huachipato.

Everton has 19 points in eleventh place, and with the victory will enter the top seven.

Training for Vishamarina will be with Oni Herrera; Bastian San Juan, Christian Suarez, Sebastian Pereira, Dylan Ziga; Rodrigo Echeverria, Benjamin Rivera, Elvaro Madrid, Fernando Saavedra; Walter Gonzalez and Juan Cuevas.

The dedication will be directed by Judge Kristajan Garay.

You can follow all the details with the scope of virtual marker and Al Air Libre radio broadcast in Cooperative.

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