Monday , July 26 2021

Knowledge in technology is well paid in Mexico

According to market research, be a technology specialist if you leave money in Mexico, especially for professional engineers and technicians.

Today's technology doses come from the hand of a lot of money, of course, for those who work in that area.

Thanks to the fact that technology is increasingly important in everyday life, the demand for specialized workers is much higher, and therefore salaries must be adapted to these figures. Today, engineers and professionals specializing in different areas of technology are in great demand across Mexico.

Recently, the portal specialized for job offers "Love Monday" announced through its blog the highest paid jobs in the Aztec country related to the technology sector, and the results were as follows:

Software Engineer
$ 35,926
45 wages published.

Product Engineer
$ 24,571
69 wages published.

$ 24,027
27 published salaries.

Information Technology Specialist
$ 21,113
15 salaries published.

Software Developer
$ 20,101
218 published salaries.

CPU programmer
$ 15,923
21 published salaries.

$ 15,743
146 published salaries.

Programmer Analyst
$ 15,547
33 salaries published.

Web Developer
$ 13,440
60 wages published.

Web Developer
$ 12,845
43 salaries published.

Knowledge in technology is well paid in Mexico

The results were solved by the number of published announcements on their site and an average of 99,604 offers and corresponding salaries were reached.

However, there are those who say that there are very small figures for what should be charged in reality.

Do you think the numbers are fair or do you think you have to earn much more?

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