Sunday , January 24 2021

Kia Sportage: limited edition with optional equipment

It can not be bought with all the SUVs offered

This involves an additional cost of 200 or 350 Euros depending on the selected one

Kia announced the sale in Spain of Sportage's Limited Sport Plus Series, which can be bought in two finishes, in which it adds a series of interesting items to the equipment.

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<p> 	 	 	 	On <strong>Kia Sportage</strong>, one of the most popular generators of the SUV today, adds a new reason to awaken the interest of buyers with the arrival of the Spanish market of two limited series, which together with the finished <strong>Concept and driving</strong>, offer interesting accessories. </p>
<p> 	 	 	 	First of all we have <strong>Kia Sportage Concept Plus</strong>, which contributes to everything already offered by the conventional version of the concept: automatic dual zone control, electrochromic interior mirror, rain sensor and rear parking sensors. It can be purchased only from the 1.6 GDI petrol engine, capable of developing 132 horses. The additional price of this limited edition is 350 euros more than the Sportage concept, which starts from 17,500 euros – this figure includes a discount of 7,500 euros. </p>
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<p> 	 	 	 	For its part, the <strong>Kia Sportage Drive Plus</strong> adds everything that is known about tinted moons and a USB charger. In this case, you can choose either a 1.6 GDI petrol engine or a 115 PS 1.6 diesel CRDI. The additional price of this edition is 200 euros, the number of which must add the starting price of the vehicle, which is 21,418 euros in the case of a gasoline engine and 23,021 euros in diesel – in both cases there is a discount applied by more than 6,000 euros. </p>
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<p> 	 	 	 	For the rest, the <strong>Kia Sportage</strong> remains unchanged, with an outer design that has its nervous center on the Tiger Nose rack, as well as the interior where the quality of the materials and finishes is worth it. The same can be applied to passive and active security systems, to which we must always add an interesting seven-year or 150,000-kilometer guarantee offered by the Korean brand. If you want to learn more about this, remember that we already tell you when we try, something you can check in this link. </p>
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