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Kevin Smith revealed Sneijder's original vision of the League of Justice trilogy

By the end of 2019, it will be two years since the premiere of the League of Justice, but with news such as Ben Affleck's departure from Batman's role, the disappointing film seems to never cease to be a topic of conversation.

In that sense, let us continue to increase the myths and the applicants who are added every day to what was production League of Justice"said director Kevin Smith what would be the original vision of Zack Snyder for his trilogy focused on the team of heroes.

During his podcast, Fatman Beyond, Smith said that, in the midst of his visit to the set of Episode IX on Star Wars, He spoke with several members of the team who was involved in filming League of Justice both in the Sneijder phase and in the jumps of Jose Vedon.

According to Smith, they "People who worked in both versions of the League of Justice" in the Pinewood study in London, they were aware of Snyder's long-term plan for his trilogy League of Justice, it will be the heart of the DCEU.

"They saw Jim Lee's broken plaques for the three films of justice" Smith said before he began to explain plans that had never materialized for the saga.

According to Smith's sources, in the Snyder project, the first movie of True LeaguE was similar to what we saw in cinemas during 2017. In this sense, in addition to all the parts added to the rebound, the main difference between the film that was delivered and the one projected would be final because, instead of a scene with the heroes who look at the horizon and the final gathering, will be presented at nothing more, nor less than Darkseid.

"Then a tube of boom would be opened, and they (the League) will see Darkseid, and Darkseid will see" said Smith. "The voluptuous boom closes, and that's the end of the damn film. With all of them knowing there is something there, we have to go."

In his constant publications in Vero, Snyder thought that Darkseid had some role in the film, and Smith's statements not only confirm, but also account for the intriguing panorama that the ruler of Apocolips will bring.

"The League of Justice 2 was supposed to be cosmic, they took the fight for Apokolips and New Genesis, probably, but we are sure of Apokolips, " Smith explained. "And the "green" lantern body was involved. "

The absence of a green lantern was one of the most complicated topics in the antenna and after the premiere of the League of Justice, preaching theories about Alfred actually saw a green lantern on the Batcave scene shown in trailers. Something that assures Smith, would be true.

"They remember the scene where Alfred is" thank God for being here, to hope that you will not come too late "(…) with whom he spoke to me, said on the set, we had green lights that reflected in Jeremy Irons for Project Green Gloss "", Smith remembered. "I said" Why? "," Because it was the Green Lantern "(he replied). But after things have changed in production ".

In case they forget, this is the last scene Smith is talking about, and was finally removed from the film.

Regarding the third film, which will close Snyder trilogy League of JusticeSmith said he would be in an unlucky scenario for the heroes because the second delivery ended badly for the team.

Smith explained: "The second ends badly as the Empire strikes or an endless war." So, they go into space, they are defeated and Darkseid arrives on Earth and destroys it. Then Batman's vision of Batman vs Superman (…) will be a completely third film. The Last Battle of the Heroes against Darcade and the Apocalypse Forces. "

"And then it all went away," the director concluded Officers. "So he started out from three films to just one."

This vision at least sounds interesting to you, but unfortunately the details given by Smith will be the closest ones we will see on this trilogy of League of Justice.

Ultimately, from the original lineup of the starting team, only Aquaman and Wonder Woman maintain a successful future at Warner Bros., Snyder has moved away from the direction and has no plans for eventual League of Justice 2, that at this point they are unlikely to follow this plan.

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