Saturday , July 31 2021

Julian Elfenbein says his wife did not go to Pasapalabra, despite the fact that the CS wants to invite her | TV and shows

Daniela Kirberg, journalist and wife of Julian Elfenbein, had a great year in the professional aspect, where she proved to be a fan of the program of Mom to a hundred on UCV television.

It is in this scenario that in the morning of this Monday she was a guest on TVN in the morning, Good morning, where he talked about his work and how they lead family life with Julian.

But this was not all because the animator was present through telephone contact, where one of the questions was whether he would like to work with Daniela at Chileis, since Francisco Gracia-Huodoro has left the station.

In this scenario, the animator assured that he would love him when he appeared naturally because he discovered that he wanted to act with great transparency and that he discovered in that area that although his team wanted to invite Daniel to Pasapalabra, this did not happen, because there are certain fears about the subject.

"I'm transparent, I'm trying to be transparent over all things. I'll tell you something, inside Pasapalabra We recorded 8 episodes per week, we invited guests for 8 chapters a week and we invited Daniela's partner, Sebastian, Linddorf, we invited him 4 times to go to the program, "he began.

And then added: "And to Daniel, note that with all due merits, despite being outstanding, we never invited her, because many times the team pointed out that Daniela is going to Pasapalabra and I said no, you can not go because this is my lady, so the problem that you have there is if you violate it, they will say that I have given you the answers home "commented on the animator explaining how he was doing things.

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