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Javiera Suarez breaks down with tears when she talks about her relationship with her husband

An emotional moment was the one who lived this Monday morning Very tasty, when the interview was done by Jose Miguel Vinuela to Javier Suarez.

During the conversation, the animator reviewed the journalist's life, which was diagnosed with cancer in 2016.

In this context, he showed him a photo album, which, despite having childhood memories, had a picture of his marriage with the doctor Cristian Arriagada, celebrated in 2015.

"I would like to ask you what Christian has done in these last three years of your life," said Vignuela, to which Javira Suarez replied: "I have always believed and thank goodness, that I gave myself a great gift."

"When I got married, I knew that this person is such, and that he is not a person, it's Christian, if you tell me" what are the virtues he has? "There is probably a lot of what you did. What is the big difference, that you did not go" Christian, "he explained.

Javier Suarez Mega

"We went through ups and downs, this question of your lady is a sick person … I do not see myself that way and I do not feel that way, but I obviously think that when people talk about my story they think about Christian and they say," Poor, his lady who is sick, and indeed, what she can do for him, gives me a can of Christian, "he added with obvious emotion.

"I hate because, what desire is our problem to be anyone else, or I do not know if anyone else, because it's not the worst we have, having cancer is not the worst thing that can happen to you (…) are I put in the feet of Christian, not knowing if my lady will die or not today, "he said, commenting that they are currently calm.

"But when I'm sick … I'm poor, because he is the one who has to stay alone with Pedido alone," he said.

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