Saturday , July 31 2021

J.A. Cast calls for Boric for the shirt of James Guzman and the deputy apologized

Former presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast led the deputy Gabriel Boric (R) to new controversy. The Republican Action Leader has released a video in which the MP receives T-shirt with Jaime Guzman's face with a shot in the head.

The registration corresponds to the interview that Boris issued in 2017. The driver gives a pledge, to which the deputy reacts with laughter: "Good, hold on."

"Cafe with the killer, a shirt with a picture of Haima Guzman with a bullet in the head. It's radical left that wants to run Chile. We have to work hard to avoid it, "said Kast, referring to a meeting led by Boric with Ricardo Palma Salamanca in France.

Then he added: "Do you want to talk about hate speech? Do you want to talk about denial? Do you want to talk about violence? "

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Boric later defended himself on the same platform: "It was quite a surprise, and as a result, my reaction was not adequate, because I appreciated what I rejected. As I said before, I condemn his murder without any nuances"

This did not escape the criticism of the law. UDI senator, Ivan Moraira, said Borch's response reflects "protecting terrorism".

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