Sunday , May 16 2021

Ivan Zamorano gave massages to all famous telephones of Telethon Notes

Being a telethonic operator is a difficult task because it often spends several hours without sleep.

For example, in activity during the afternoon, the animator Francisco Saavedra He admitted that he did not sleep at all, although some of his companions almost escaped.

Aware of how difficult this job is to be, the historic "captain" of the telephone operators, the former footballer Ivan Zamorano he gave them a gift to his companions.

According to Saavedra revealed at LUN, the athlete gave all the massages. "The only regret we did was that Ivan (Zamorano) took us to a massage parlor to get rid of stress. Then we will turn around to go with him for twenty minutes"he commented.

"They massaged my coat, Ivan in the legs, and Fernando Gooy spoiled him after impinging Mont Laferte. Indeed, the two captains, the historic, who is Bam Bam and Gooy, who is this year, were carrying seven"he added.

"They even came with delicious sushi and blood. We did not go through any hunger," added the animator of the Places who speak.

Michelle Adam commented that the massive team is Carlos Jara, from the Chilean team for the show. "I did not make massages because my back does not hurt, but they told me it was dry," he revealed.

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