Monday , August 2 2021

It is necessary to make decisions

Caesar Pinares passed away without sorrow or glory from Colo Colo, but today he is in the championship, Catholic University. For this reason, it was analyzed with the La Cuarta scanner.

Just like in the beginning of 2018, when the cock started between blue and white, Cesar Pinares became the star of Chilean football. And whether this is despite the small continuity that the player has in Colo Colo, there are three teams struggling to get their services in 2019. This is not considered by Mario Salas, new technical alboos.

Faced with this intricate panorama, the steering wheel looks for options for continuing his career. One of them may be O & # 39; Higgins, because in the past few weeks he has been handling conversations and trusted by Marco Antonio Figueroa.

But that's not the end of the story: Universidad Católica and Unión Española went through the clubs and are ready to seize and re-commit to their talent, despite the low semester.

For that reason, the flyer was analyzed from La Quarta's well and his face showed "inner strength and great spirit at work". According to his right and small nose, he is also a man "passionate, cheerful and spontaneous. Perhaps there is a bad temper if something is disgusting."

In addition, its abundant brow reflect that "with great power of concentration and absolute control of situations and stress. Resolute and self-confident in itself."

Finally, his little ears are throwing "delays when making decisions. Firstly, he wants to have the necessary elements to decide, since after he makes them, it is very difficult for him to change his position."

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