Friday , April 16 2021

It is a day of vaccination in 87 municipalities in Santander

El Smallpox, a virus that was exterminated in Colombia in 2014 and last year triggered alarms for a new epidemic in a country in which 209 people were infected, is one of the health conditions to be prevented with a vaccination free day today held at Santander .

Starting at 8:00. and until 4:00. this Saturday, this event is held in 87 municipalities of the department, in a continuous schedule.

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According to information provided by the Santander Government in the main parks of each site, citizens will have access, without payment, to the use of vaccines.

During these eight hours injections will be made to prevent and avoid 26 different diseases, several of which are classified by the World Health Organization as "highly contagious".

In addition to "terrible" measles, diseases such as tuberculosis, cough, polio, hepatitis B and A, diphtheria, tetanus, among others, will fight the day of vaccination this Saturday.

Keep in mind that, depending on the EPS that belongs to you, you can also go to the nearest headquarters to get the vaccine you need without paying a peso.

44 points provided in Bucaramanga

In the capital, Santander, the various medical centers and health centers in each township also provide care for citizens to be vaccinated this Saturday.

University hospitals in Santander and Local del Norte and clinics such as Comuneros and mothers children will be part of this day.

In addition, the Municipality of Bukararanga has announced that it has eight external immunization points in the following districts: Crystal Alto, Crystal Bayo, Bavaria II, Campo Madrid, Jose Antonio Galan, Rincon de La Paz, San Luis and the village of Bollarki. .

The municipality has set a goal for the application of some 2,300 vaccines for early childhood, today.

Health Fair in Santander

In addition to the vaccination service offered today in the department, this Saturday also runs a health fair in every Santander municipality.

Between 8:00 am and 4:00 am, citizens can access the main parks at each site to benefit from diagnoses and various free medical care.

Ophthalmology, cardiology, psychology, among other areas are offered. "We have allowed different attitudes to provide care and guidance for various health conditions, both mentally and physically," said Orlando Quintero, director of Integral Health at Santander.

Data: This day will be held throughout the country. The goal is to vaccinate more than 400 thousand citizens, in 4000 authorized points.

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