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INDH se querellará por cinco en personas em muerto durante el Emergencia en Chile | Nacional

The Instituto Nacional de Derechos Humanos (INDH) anunció cinco querellas por fallecidos durante the state of emergency in Chile. A total of 26 legal citations in favor of 129 cases.

For information on confirmation by the director of the body, Sergio Micco, see the reunion with Andrés Chadwick's Minister of the Interior.

“There are no official records of the official phlecidosis, no obstruction of the phlegm with INDH hemos all over the world, ” señaló.

This is a good example of the legal entities that are provided by the legal entities. Los detalles fuses entregados por el INDH.

– Romario Veloz, La Serena, a disparate product in the field;
– Alex Núñez, Maipú (RM), the product of gallops with luminescence and elongation.
– Kevin Gomez, Coquimbo, disparo por militar parte.
– Manuel Rebolledo Navarrete, Talcahuano, quite a few militaries.
– José Miguel Uribe Antipán, Curicó, disparo por militar parte.

Desde el INDH aggregare qua, mediate est querellas, determinant buscar responsabilidad de los agentes estado.

“Chadwick's manifesto is minuscule but preoccupied with the fundamentals of the hemos observatory. Nos preocupa is fundamental to the transparency of the figures of the fallecidas, heridas, detenidas, all other people, but the role of the institute is to be reconstituted to the public, militarist and hospitalist before the reunion to the end of the information ”, concludes director.

Por último, desde el ente sostuvieron en este investigando denuncias por presuntos cruelty, torture, civil disparities, physical and verbal harassment, molestation; with the demo of the police holding a person detained in a truck, manslaughter vehicles in vans, home ventilation and hoses.

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