Saturday , July 31 2021

In EA they are working on ways to bring their games to Nintendo Switch and Frostbite 3 could be already compatible –

Electronic art continues to have an almost anecdotal presence in the switchboard catalog, comparing it, for example, with the large number of titles that are handled on Xbox One or on a computer.

Yesterday, youtuber was targeted by Anshul Sony's profile on LinkedIn's profile, a A software engineer working in the EA from July 2018. In it we find the following:

– Responsible for creating / maintaining SDK for Xbox, Playstation and PC, which allow development teams to integrate their games into the EA environment.
He worked for the Nintendo Switch on existing SDKs, allowing development teams to publish games on the Switch.

The SDKs in which I actively work are used in:
Battlefield V

If this is true, we will start to watch more games published by EA for the Nintendo hybrid. The developer mentions Battlefield V and the anthem as games that use their SDK, but in such a bare text it leaves a lot of interpretation: You could refer to the SDK for integrating EA services or SDKs that will allow publishing games on the Nintendo Switch. Both Battlefield V and the anthem use Frostbite 3 as a motor for the game, do you finally work to be compatible?

After confirming that the sale of Nintendo Switch is constantly progressing and seeing how the launch of the latest games on other platforms did not meet the expectations of the company, it's not surprising that the nature of EA now wants to expand to new platforms for your releases.

The sales of video games for Nintendo Switch in the United Kingdom during 2018 were close to 20% of the total. In short: The Nintendo Switch number should call attention.

Is this the year we finally see a change in the trend and EA launches games for a hybrid?


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