Tuesday , October 22 2019
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"If someone is torturing me as a guaaton …"

Belén Mora says that almost every day she receives criticism of her physical appearance, but she is tired of the comments and angered with sharp criticism against those who question her.

According to Biut's website, the ICC comedian stated that "I am not affected by what people think of me. If someone makes me feel guantinous, I stick to my skin profile. Or if he does not let them go out in the photos, go to the one who comes out fixed, because I am such, I am natural, "he said.

Then he added: "My dad, because he was a girl, told me that I was a princess of the world, that it was the nicest thing that was there. He told me so many times that I believe."

Finally, he concluded with the meaning of accepting his own body: "I enjoy my body. If I have six chests, like the joke of my routine, I have them and I show them … In fact, when I was fat, I made faces and bought it to them I am happy for another person, "he said.

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