Wednesday , June 16 2021

"I have five dollars in my pocket"

A month ago, Julio Cesar Rodriguez made a trip to Miami to interview Maria Iness Fausz, Sergio Judu's wife, to tell how his life is in the US after leaving Chile at the end of 2015. And it's not good.

The interview will be screened in "Contigo en la mañana" on Tuesday, but the newspaper Las Últimas Noticias continued with the information and says Facuse lives in a small apartment, is in the process of divorce, does not see his eldest son and has the junior junior schooling, while their economic situation is not the best.

"I wrote him one day and he answered Whatsapp he had a lot of bad days in his new life:" I have five dollars in my pockets to spend the weekend, I should miss, "he wrote. People believe they more or less have a rich and famous a living that spends on the beach, which daily eats rich, "said Julio Cesar Rodriguez.

Facuse transmitted details that had never been seen before for the former ANFP leader, about how he began to change his physical appearance in 2011, he had liposuction and lost himself in power, money, clothes, vanity and looking into the mirror. There is before and after, "said the aforementioned newspaper.

They also discussed various topics, such as when liposuction and domestic violence occurred. However, one of the facets that have a more complex person is money.

"From one day to the next, I could not buy ice cream from my daughter. I have nothing, I'm on the street, so he shouts at me when we go to court hearings to see the divorce issue:" Get out and ask for money in the street , before I eat with me, now I'll eat chickens and if I eat. "

Maria Ines Facuse also said she even worked and cleaned the baths. "Why do I have to do this if its priority is to change the convertible Audi of Mercedes Benz?" He said.

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