Tuesday , August 3 2021

"I gave him ice cream for running from floor to floor"

Speed ​​is the main attribute of reinforcing Colo Colo and in his family he was trained with a very special method as a child.

Juan Carlos Gaeti is, at the moment, the only reinforcement of Colo Colo. And one of the reasons that led Cacique to notice him is his explosion, his speed, which made him take major advantages in his last campaign with Kobresal in First B.

But this is not a coincidence. His homonym told his father that he trained him in a very special way as a child. "From the age of four, he started running from floor to floor, on the sidewalk and measured time." If the mark goes down, I will reward him with ice cream or candy. "So it was an improvement"he is connected.

About how he cultivated his love of football, he was inherited. He played as a goalkeeper in La Pintana and was joined by now the albo player. "I did not know how to go and I wore it in diapers." He even found the little ones so that balls could not come in. After all, all he asked was football balls and shoes "he thinks.

In addition, he said that soon afterwards "He showed me Cooper Test, one of the results was fired, it was my son. They set him up, got three goals and left the ghost for good."

But he also went through complex times. "I think the hardest thing that touched him in his life was my division. He was in a complex age, there was a decline in football. But we talked and understood me. There, he himself has been diverted himself, "said Gaete Sr.

Finally, the father of the popular football player said it "We always watched the games at home, but his idol is Cristiano Ronaldo. The diagonals he makes are simulations in Portuguese. PlayStation also attracted similar to Cristiano, with his leather hairstyles. "

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