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how to get the prismatic hammer

In the outside world there are unique weapons throughout the galaxy. Today we are telling you how to get your Prismatic hammer.

The galactic epic that the outside world presumes has many secrets. Some of them, as it may be otherwise, take the form of special weapons, called technological weapons. Today we explain How to get a prismatic hammer.

These weapons are very curious because they tend to have quite funny behavior. In the following video we show you how to achieve them and their effects, but in any case, we will explain below with hair and marks the best way to achieve them. You can find more tutorials and great stuff on our YouTube channel!

This hammer can also be reached near the beginning of the game. Once we reach the Pioneer, a spacecraft that serves as a space station, we can access it. Also, a mission will tell us what steps to follow, but hey, we can save you.

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Case in point, you have to go, as in the video, to those kind of bedrooms, to climb to the top of the living chairs using the boxes placed just for that. We will arrive in a secret room where we will be shot by a group of thugs, but peaceful, it is simple to kill them. With the card of one of them, we can access the next room and grab the hammer of the safe.

Prismatic hammer 1

This hammer has two qualities. The first and accessible to any player is that hitting does different types of damage, either fire or electrical damage, among others. For the other feature we will need enough strength to be able to make full attacks and, thus, deliver a very powerful blow that will release waves that will attack our enemies from a distance.

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