Friday , May 7 2021

How much will it cost fans to travel to the final of Libertadores?

The violence that caused Argentine's largest class, the Boca River, to move to Madrid, will ask – those who can do it – 12 hours from Buenos Aires.

Those who suffer most are the fans of the 66,000 rivers who paid between $ 20 and $ 70 (current change) for a ticket on November 24, and the same will not apply to the super finals that will be played on December 9 in Santiago Bernabeu at 8.30 pm local time (14.30 ET). Ticket prices have not yet been confirmed by Connemell (nor Madrid), but sources associated with the organization are convinced by CNN that the amount will be about 100 USD.

Conquest confirmed this Friday that there would be 5,000 tickets for each bias. 20,000 for Argentina's residents in Spain. 6000 protocol. 40,000 tickets for tickets sale. Santiago Bernabeu has a capacity for more than 81,000 spectators.

Flights from Buenos Aires according to the purchase of tickets and if it is directly or by interruption, an average of 1,000 US dollars. A few years ago, companies in the midst of uncertainty know what failure will be dictated by the disciplinary unit of Conquest, offering packages for Miami, Doha, Madrid, Paris. Now with Madrid confirmed as a place, the demand for tickets for that destination is increasing.

AFA confirmed on Friday that the games that were to be played this week were a river against gymnastics and Fencing of silver in the monumental and Boca in Avelaneda before the Independent, valid for the Super League's 14th, they were reprogrammed.

CNN confirmed that Boca already has a hotel reservation in Madrid. I will travel on Tuesday. As to where he will work before such an important duel, everything shows that he will do so in the premises of the Spanish Football Federation. They will confirm all these items between Monday and Tuesday.

On the other hand, River Plate will travel on Tuesday and will be practiced at Real Madrid's premises. You do not yet have a confirmed hotel reservation. Between Monday and Tuesday, they will confirm this.

The stamp will have to make a new accreditation process through Connemel if they plan to be in the final that has suffered 4 delays. One of the bombers from 10 to 11 December. Another 3 in the Monumental, on Saturday 24 (2) and the last postponement from December 25 to December 9.

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This Friday Boca has confirmed that he has hired an important team of lawyers to appeal to Conquest's decision, because, say their leaders, they want the tournament to be won by regulation.

The river, on the other hand, already has a penalty of $ 400,000 from Connemil and a suspension to play with the public during two games in the tournaments organized by Connemel.

In addition, local justice has almost proven the commission of offenses for the sale of regulatory tickets outside official channels, a group of bold bars Rio Plit. A fact confirmed by the Attorney General of Argentina Luis Cevasco.

The final of the Libertadores closed a cycle of 58 years of dispute with a double party away from the continent that saw it born. Reading that will force Conquestor to inspect well what left this disastrous experience in which nothing will be the same.

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