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House of Cards begins its last season

Actress Robin Wright,
during one of the scenes. Photo: special

La series that fueled the American collective imagination of corruption and impunity in the White House, returns in the sixth season. However, this time it will not be political. If it is possible to save something from these last eight chapters, it is the importance with which the problems faced by Claire (Robin Wright) as the first woman president of the United States of America, have been raised.

Much has been said about the radical difference between what was once House of cards and what is it now. Indeed, there is little left of this fiction that could reveal us for a few days or cause real influence. After more than seventy chapters of these characters, you can expect any murder, deception or simulation, and history becomes stagnant in the systematic repetition of situations that are neither credible nor shocking. The themes that touch the sixth season are, however, scrupulously elaborated to reflect the great contemporary topics that are being discussed in society, among politicians, and even in conversations about coffee.

According to a report by women from the UN, out of one hundred and ninety-four countries officially recognized in the world, only sixteen run a woman. This 8.24% clearly does not show representativeness, which would correspond to half of the population and respond only directly to gender inequality that can be observed in every area of ​​our society. Needless to say, we have gained many rights and overcame countless obstacles, but being one of the five countries with the highest number of female suicides in Mexico, it is obvious that machismo is still far from eradicating.

The series won seven Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as two Golden Globe Awards. Photo: special

In the last recent elections in the United States, a record number of ninety-eight women is expected to enter the House of Representatives. Although this is only 22.5% of the House of Representatives, this significant increase is a consequence of the change that has taken place around the world and thanks to the efforts of thousands of organized women. movements Resist and me too played a fundamental role in the inclusion of women in certain areas. In fact, the latter was a pioneer in showing the situation of harassment experienced in Hollywood and the former protagonist House of cards, Kevin Spacey, was removed from the series after he was charged with sexual harassment.

In this context, the number of prejudices Claire Underwood will face (which will again regain her maiden name to be Claire Hale again) has had an overwhelming force: sexist phrases in the workplace, tasks that some believe "are not made for women. ", association of the female sex with weakness and a long list that can last several lines. The truth is that being a woman in a world run by men requires twice the effort, triple care and fourfold courage.

"Would you tell me if I was a man?" He asks Claire. And the phrase repeats with a constant murmur: Claire says, the tennis player tells the judge, the mother says, the host says to her husband, the teenager says it, she says it, you and me, In the mouth or in our minds, we are millions who ensure that the established order of things, in this patriarchal and oppressive system, must change. And although some do not think about it, the fight will also be for them.

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