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Honda will sell only electric and hybrid cars in Europe from 2022, three years ahead of schedule

Honda has just announced an important announcement for the development and implementation of electric vehicles, and that's it by 2022 Europe will only sell electric and hybrid cars. That is, they are changing the original Electric Vision plan that was originally set for 2025.

According to Honda, this decision is due to recent changes in the regulation and momentum of green technologies currently in Europe, so it will be the first and so far only the region where they will implement these electrification measures in your car's catalog.

Tom Gardner, senior vice president of Honda, mentioned:

"The pace of regulatory change, market behavior and consumer behavior in Europe means that the shift towards electrification is happening faster here, than anywhere else. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, we need to act before facing these challenges.

"I am pleased to announce that all major Honda models here in Europe will not be electrified by 2025, but three years before, at the end of 2022, within 36 months."

And is launching its new global brand: & # 39; e: Technology & # 39;

One of Honda's plans for Europe is to start six new electrified models over a period of three years, two electric cars and four hybrids. Among them is the already famous Honda e, as well as the new hybrid version of the Honda Jazz (known in some markets as the Honda Heat). That is, we need to know another electric car and three hybrids.

As part of these changes, Honda has unveiled its new global brand & # 39; e: Technology & # 39; which will serve as a hallmark of its electrified models. The first to carry this brand will be the Honda Jazz e: HEV 2020, which Willie combines two electric motors (generator and impeller) with another combustion.

Honda Jazz Hybrid New Honda Jazz is: HEV 2020

Unlike traditional hybrids, where the electric motor helps the internal combustion engine, in the new Jazz e: HEV will release this dual electric system to assist the combustion engine. According to Honda, this will provide "outstanding performance" and never before seen in hybrid cars that are not plugged in.

Honda Jazz e: HEV will go on sale by the end of the year and by 2020 Honda e will be the first power generator. In terms of the Honda e, it will arrive with a 35.5 kWh battery, 200 km autonomy and will be aimed at urban driving. Its announced price, for the moment in the UK, will be 29,200 euros.

"This shift to electrification will significantly change the face of our model line. Our two-engine hybrid technology will spread across the range of models and bring more electric battery products to market. "

On the other hand, Honda also announced an alliance with Watneval, one of Europe's leading energy suppliers, with whom he will be responsible for developing new urban charging points, domestic electricity chargers, commercial energy services and advanced vehicle-to-network (V2G) technology.

Also, Honda and Watenhall reached an agreement for Honda electric car owners to receive preferential prices to charge their cars, something they will try to extend to other brands and manufacturers in Europe.

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