Friday , July 30 2021

his new studio Second Dinner will debut with Marvel's game

After his departure in April from Hearthstone, Ben Brode paved the way along with other former Blizzard workers and, despite being a small indie studio that opened its offices, its first allies are serious: NetEase and the same Marvel.

After obtaining the economic support of a Chinese technology officer, with an investment of $ 30 million, the first project of the Second Supper will be based on the successful characters of the house of ideas.

A license cluster, which includes from the good of Spidey to the legendary X-Men, which passes, of course, from the well-known Avengers.

We have a partner with Marvel in our first game. I know what you think: "QUEEEE?!" Can you play with Hellcow, the Vampire Cow and Throg, the Powerful Frog Toad? Yes. And also for Spider-Man and Avengers and X-Men.

Despite the fact that this game is not yet officially named or the launch pad has been confirmed, Brode and his team they are already working on the prototype and they recruit from their newly opened offices in Irvine California.

It can be said that the eight months that passed since Ben Brod and former executive producer of Hertstone, Hamilton Chu, left Blizzard to form Second night they took full advantage of their connection with the great entertainment exercises and the development of their first major project.

Especially since this study was established and began to function, literally, in its own garage on Brode.

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