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Hide "I LIKE", a donation button and a redesign of the camera

This Tuesday, April 30, at the Facebook Developer Conference, new features of Instagram were announced.

Instagram will have new features, some that will be definitely implemented and others that will begin testing to evaluate its possible arrival in the near future at a vast scale.

So at least it was announced this Tuesday, April 30 at the annual Facebook Developer Conference, "F8" which was done in San Francisco.

Hide "I Like It" Instagram

One of the first measures announced that Instagram will try now in Canada to have a function to hide the "How" it receives a publication.

All by the application make a "healthier conversation".

Instagram says it's trying because it wants people to focus on photos and videos used by users rather than the amount of "likes" they get in their posts.

This is for people to focus on placing real content and having sincerity rather than taking care of using extreme filters or increasing "Like", so they affect the eye.

Changes in the camera

Another thing that will be implemented will be camera changes within the application called "Creation Mode".

"It will make it easier to build a publication from scratch without the need to upload an existing photo or video, which is a particularly appealing proposal for story-telling fans who created a large audience using the Snapchat format," says The Verge.


New purchase and donation features

Another great feature that will be incorporated is that now celebrities, artists, athletes and influencers certified by the platform, you can add a button to buy directly to the items they occupy.

"Public figures, creators, athletes, editors, and artists" will have access to a feature that will allow them to mark their clothes and fans to buy those items immediately within the application, "the social network says.

Finally, it was mentioned that now non-governmental organizations can use a donation button.


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