Saturday , July 31 2021

He talked about his late friend Rene O'Ryan

Actor Sebastian Long attended the "La Red" morning, led by Julia Vial and Eduardo de la Iglesia, to discuss his friendship with former sailor Rene O'Ryan, after he died of esophageal cancer.

Although they met after Long participated in TVN reality, Plato, a program in which O'Ryan was an instructor of the famous cadets, began their close friendship many years later, the product of the same disease that was shaken to Renee.

We must remember that the former instructor died at the age of 53 and his awakening was carried out on Sunday afternoon, in the company of his family and close friends. Television partners also appeared.

The family of former reality, Sebastian Long, seized the opportunity to remember his friend and suggests that he always led the fight against cancer until the last moment, in fact, he decided to seek complementary help for traditional medicine.

"He felt terrible, but he wanted to feel good, so he decided on alternative therapies," adding that "he did everything he thought he should have done, and he did it the best," added Long.

Currently, Sebastian is far from being televised and has no intention of returning because it is based in the Valparaiso region, where organic avocado grows. In the middle of the program, he pointed out that this new way of life he had had was the front door so that he could share with the former sailor more.

"He was happy, it was a couple of times, we created another relationship, friendship from circumstance, he taught me so much, that's all that people repeat, their example, their model, their strength, and he did not disappear from love at all" . added the former boy to reality.

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