Wednesday , January 27 2021

"He made more than the whole team against Barcelona": United fans praised the return of Alexis Football

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Daniel Lille-Olivas I Agence France Presse

Restore the illusion. Alexis Sanchez returned to play for Manchester United in the fall of the English team 3-0 against Barcelona.

Under the great ovation of Camp Nou, the national striker entered ten minutes to the end of the match and with the key virtually convicted.

However, for a short time he was there, he showed that he was desirable from ever and left flashes of his excellent quality.

Loaded on the left band, The Chileans were mobile and with their speed generated a few interesting plays. In fact, in his head was the rebound of the English team, but Ter Stegen was remarkable to refuse the corner kick.

Sanchez's great efforts were not unnoticed by United fans, who praised its effectiveness through social networks.

"In 10 minutes he made more of the team together", "He was the most important player of the night" and "Every time he puts his shirt on, he plays with his heart" , were part of the compliments that the "Miracle Child" took.

In this way, Sanchez was having fun when he returned to the field and there would be several matches to change the wrong season he experienced.

Check out the compliments below:

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